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Visualize, Map, and Manage Every Relationship Across your Service Ecosystem.

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“Breaking backward compatibility in an API is unfortunately very easy, and is sometimes difficult to catch. I'm excited about how Akita’s automatic detection helps us catch these breaking changes before shipping the API to the users!”
Sébastien Portebois
Software Architect, Ubisoft
Catch Breaking Changes

Catch Breaking Changes on Every Pull Request

Greater assurance is possible. Gain peace of mind in knowing that a single code change isn't going to take down your services. Akita automates and simplifies formerly labor-intensive processes, through analysis of your source code and logs. Auto-detect added and removed endpoints and fields, automatically infer data types and precise data formats, and much more.
Observing API Behavior

Discover what’s really going on with your API

Akita enables you to visualize and to understand how your API are actually behaving. By checking real observed API behaviors against intended specs and contracts, Akita illuminates and gives you clear oversight on all API activity.
Auto-generated Specs

Continually map your API behavior

Akita makes it possible to auto-generate current API specs. By automatically maintaining up-to-date models of your API behavior, we help you document and version API, across your entire ecosystem.
How Akita Works

Visualize, Map and Manage Across Your Service Ecosystem

Watch Traffic

Akita’s low-footprint CLI takes only 5 minutes to install. No need to proxy traffic to change any code.

Build API Models

Integrate Akita with your GitHub or Gitlab and CI to immediately start creating models for each pull request.

Get Reports

Deploy Akita in your production environment to build models from real customer traffic.
“One of the things I’m excited about with Akita is involving our developers in security testing in an accessible way.”
Erin Browning
Security Engineer
"Akita is a product with a lot of potential. It allows you to inspect how services are communicating in practice, with minimal effort from developers."
Bruno Félix
CTO, Waterdog
“Being able to quickly show people what’s going on with our APIs and services - without having to document it ourselves - is huge.”
Donald Tyler
Tech Lead, HealthLabs

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